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Everyday Value Pricing

What is it?

"Everyday Value Pricing" is exclusive to Mortgage Corp.'s valued customers who qualify, and offers our best available daily pricing for 5, 7 or 10 year term mortgages. All other products offered by us will continue to be priced competitively as we do today. "Everyday Value Pricing" promises to be a very attractive offering that directly reflects the daily cost of funds, including origination and other expenses, for each specific term.

How is it different from today?

"Everyday Value Pricing" no longer deals with "posted rates" and "rate discounts", but offers you our best rates for 5, 7 and 10 year fixed terms. To avoid administrative gridlock, our lenders adjust "Everyday Value Pricing" in rate increments of 5 bps, as the Bank's pricing dictates.

How will you know our current rates?

"Everyday Value Pricing" will be communicated the same way we inform you of all our rate changes today. You may need to watch more often for our rate bulletins, as "Everyday Value Pricing" implies that this pricing innovation will be much more responsive to market dynamics.

Anything else?

"Everyday Value Pricing" is intended to offer you an even better array of great mortgage products that include both fixed rate and variable rate terms. They are all designed to help meet the needs of our mortgage customers who genuinely want to see more "value" in the mortgage financing transaction.


Our account officers at Mortgage Corp. would be pleased to assist you in any and all of your mortgage needs, whether your buyer is an "A+" borrower or a "D" borrower, we have the programs you need to close the deal.

Mortgage Corp. can help realtors sell more houses, more quickly with less aggravation and less headaches! When you call Mortgage Corp. you will talk to a person, not a machine. You have questions?, we have answers!

We welcome your calls and questions, we are not too big to give you personal service.

We will gladly meet with you and your clients at any convenient time. Drop by, e-mail or fax borrower information to us, along with an MLS Listing and an Agreement of Purchase and Sale and we will do the rest!

Give us a chance, let us prove to you how smoothly and quickly we can get your purchases closed without the standard run-around that is sometimes associated with purchasing homes.

We Offer:

  • Four (4) hour turn around time
  • 120 Day rate guarantees
  • All of our deals are submitted electronically for quicker response time
  • Inform and educate your first time buyers
  • Walk your client through the process from start to finish
  • Assist you in restructuring the deal if needed
  • CMHC, Genworth and Canada Gaurentee insured mortgages
  • Stated income and no ratio programs
  • Self employed purchasers welcomed
  • Up to 95% financing for qualified buyers with our 5% cashback for qualified buyers

Mortgage Benefits & Features

  • 120 Rate Hold - Mortgage Corp. offers a 120 day rate hold, and further guarantees our clients the lowest rate during the rate guarantee period, minus any rate discount that is applicable.
  • Rate Discounts - Mortgage Corp. offers up to 2.00% rate discounts on published interest rates. The discount is dependant on the quality of the application.
  • Match a Payment - An additional amount equal to the regular payment can be made on any payment date, as many times as the customer wishes.
  • Miss a Payment - For each match a payment that has been made within the same mortgage term.
  • Up to 20% Additional Lump Sum Prepayments - Additional amounts can be paid on any regular payment date as long as they do not exceed the 15% annually.
  • Up to 20% Annual Increase in Payments.
  • All Mortgages have Open and Closed Periods - Regardless of the insurer, it is our Lender's policy that each term has an open and closed period i.e. 5 year closed is closed for the first 3 years and open (subject to 3 months interest penalty) for the last two years.
  • Assumability Option - In the event of a sale, the purchaser can assume the existing mortgage.
  • Increase and Blend or Blend and Extend Options.
  • Early Renewal Option - Mortgage renewal permitted at anytime in advance of maturity date.
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly Payments available.
  • Portability Option - With our portability feature, customers can take their existing mortgage with them, at the same interest rate when they move from one home to another. Or, they can combine their mortgage balance outstanding on the home they're leaving with additional financing at an interest rate which blends their existing rate with that in effect at the time of their new advance.
  • Optional Mortgage Life - Optional mortgage life insurance is available to eligible mortgage customers. This coverage will pay the balance of the mortgage, up to a maximum of $500,000.00, in the event of the death of an insured mortgagor. Important benefits include the "Preferred Customer Premium Rate" and "Prior Coverage Recognition". Ask us for further details.
  • Pre Approval Plan - A Pre Approval Plan which qualifies a borrower for a maximum mortgage amount and guarantees the interest rate from the date of the application up to 120 days on existing properties and 90 days on new construction. The final interest rate established for the mortgage is determined when the loan is advanced and will be the lesser of the rate set for the applicable guarantee period or the rate in effect on the date the loan is advanced.